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Nucleic acids play a critical role in living organisms as the carriers of genetic information. Our research focuses on using DNA and RNA as both generic and genetic materials.

We at LuoLabs have been using DNA as a true polymer and have developed generic DNA materials, including tree-shaped DNA, DNA gels and DNA-nanoparticle hybrid assemblies. With these novel DNA materials, we are exploring real-world applications ranging from biological materials in diagnostics, pharmaceutics, protein production, drug delivery, cell culture and optoelectronics.

Latest Lab News

October 2014- Conrgatulations to Duo who won first prize at the annual Fiber Society Graduate Student Paper Competition!

June 2014- Congratulations to our newest Ph.D graduates, Dr. Songming Peng and Dr. Jason Kahn on succesfully defending their theses.

June 2014- Check out our newest review paper in Accounts of Chemical Research, entitled, "DNA Materials: Bridging Nanotechnology and Biotechnology!"

March 2014- Congratulations to Songming who has been awarded the Chinese Goverment Award for Outstanding students abroad!

March 2014- Congratulations to Jason Kahn who has been awarded the distinguished Lady Davis Trust Fellowship to conduct post-doctoral research with Prof. Itamar Willner at The Hebrew University in Israel!

March 2014- Congratulations to our undergraduate, Swati, who has recieved the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship!

December 2013- Congratulations to Shawn, Jason and Tom on their recently accpeted Angewandte Chemie paper "Crystallization of DNA–Gold Nanoparticle Conjugates in High- Concentration, Divalent Salt Environments"!

November 2013- Check out the press coverage for our most recent publication where we report clay hydrogel's potential role in the birth of life on earth and in creating the complex biochemicals that make life possible! Cornell Chronicle, Science Recorder, Science Daily, Nature World News, National Monitor, University Herald, FoxNews, The Daily Mail, The Register, HNGN, UPI, TopNews US, Newstrack India, iScienceTimes, French Tribute, Science World Report, PhysOrg, Newsroom America, Science 2.0, Sci-News, Australasian Science, LV Guardian Express, The Telegraph, The Christian Science Monitor, EurekaAlert!, and Austrian Tribute!