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Post-doctoral Researchers

Although we currently do not have any openings for post-doctoral positions, the funding situation is dynamic and can change in the future. If you are interested in our research, please contact Professor Luo.

Graduate Students

We are looking for highly motivated, hard-working, intelligent and team-playing students who have a solid background in both quantitative sciences (mathematics, engineering, physics, chemistry etc.) and modern biology (molecular and/or cellular biology). You will need to apply to Cornell via the regular graduate admission process.

You must be sincerely interested in what we are doing and must plan to pursue a Ph.D. or a Masters of Engineering degree. Please contact Professor Luo.

Undergraduate Students

We are extremely selective in choosing our undergraduate researchers. We do not admit seniors. The best time to join our group is in your sophomore year. All undergraduate researchers in LuoLabs are expected to complete a research thesis and pursue Honors degrees. Please contact Thomas Derrien.