2012 Publications

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  4. Sharma, A.N., Luo, D., Walter, M.T. (2012) Hydrological Tracers Using Nanobiotechnology: Proof of Concept. Environmental Science & Tecnhology, 46, 8928-8936. Link.

  5. Yu, J., Peng, S., Luo, D., March, J.C. (2012) In vitro 3D human small intestinal villous model for drug permeability determination. Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 109, 2173-2178. Link.

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  7. Ruiz, R., Kiatwuthinon, P., Kahn, J.S., Roh, Y.H. (2012) Cell-Free Protein Expression from DNA-Based Hydrogel (P-Gel) Droplets for Scale-Up Production. Industrial Biotechnology, 8, 372-377. Link.